Interview Questions

Interview Questions:

1. Full name and where were you born.

2. Were you born in a hospital?

3. What were your parent’s names?

4. Where were they born?

5. What do you remember about the house or town where you grew up?

6. What did you like to do as a child?

7. What were some of the favorite dishes you remember your mother/grandmother cooking?

8. What was your school like?

9. Did you play any sports or have a favorite subject?

10. Did you have a best friend?

11. Tell me about your brothers and sisters

12. Tell me about your mother/fathers family.

13. What were your grandparents like?

14. Is there a family bible or old photos?

15. Are there any news clippings or family documents?

16. Did your family attend church?

17. What chores did you have and what was your first job?

18. How did you meet your spouse?

19. What was your courtship like?

20. Did you serve in the military?

21. What was your first car? Who taught you to drive?

22. When did you get married?

23. What was your wedding like?

24. Do you remember any older relatives from your childhood”

25. What was your first adult job?

26. Were there any life changing moments in your life?

27. What was your proudest achievement?

28. What was it like to be a new parent and where did you live?

29. When were your children born?

30. How has raising children changed since you were young?

31. Do you remember the first television set your family had?

32. What is it like to be retired?

33. If you could give your grandchildren one piece of advice, what would that be?

34. How would you like to be remembered?

These are just a sampling of questions you may want to ask; you probably will not get to all of them.  Just think of the questions as a prompt.  If your family member has difficulty recalling an event, move on and try again later.  Photos are a wonderful way to encourage memories.

Above all enjoy the process!